Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Seasons Greetings

 During this holiday period TigrisNet would like to extend its Greetings to not only partners but to all. Thank you for all who have followed, Re-tweeted, shared and #FF you have all been part of our growth and we cannot thank you enough to getting our social media off the ground. 

So thank you all for. Have a happy holiday season and best wishes in the New Year.

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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

12 Days of Christmas Song Challenge

OK I'm going to start a challenge to you over 12 days to post your Christmas songs on Facebook and Twitter. and list of the rules can be seen here. Or go and 'Like' our Facebook page.

Day 1. First Christmas song you heard this year.

Day 2. The Worst Christmas Song.

Day 3. Song that gets you in the Christmas Spirit

Day 4. Favourite song which mentions Santa

Day 5. Most over played song at christmas

Day 6. Favourite Micheal Buble Christmas Song Cover

Day 7. Guilty pleasure Christmas Song

Day 8. Favourite Christmas Song cover.

Day 9. Song you sing along to loudest in your car.

Day 10. Favourite Christmas Song

Day 11. Song you will be playing this Christmas Eve

Day 12. Song that says 'Happy Christmas' Best

Post your songs and share the Christmas cheer around

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Friday, 9 December 2011

Hylas 1 Vs Tooway day 2 - Technology & Installation


As discussed before both Hylas1 and Tooway are using KA-band technology. The biggest difference between these two systems is in the technology the satellites are based around.

Tooway built their satellite on excising knowledge of a satellite anatomy using the old techniques which have been tried and tested.

Hylas1 is cutting edge in its approach; part funded by the UK government the satellite was designed from the ground up with the high-speed internet delivery in mind.


All satellite internet systems will only provide a service in line with the quality of the installation - If a system is installed by a professional VSAT installer, with equipment designed to be used for the installation of Ka systems and to a recognised level of quality, then it should work to the best of its abilities. If it is self-installed or installed by a satellite TV installer, then the quality will suffer.

Tooway has always been a Do-It-Yourself solution, you can buy the equipment and either install it yourself or pay a local VSAT installer, we recommend ourselves of course, to do it for you. As installations are not guaranteed by Tooway, if you have a problem - it is your problem - unless you are a client of ours, since we install all our systems to the Hylas specification, we offer a 12 month guarantee when the equipment is bought through us.

Hylas on the other hand, is a commercial quality system at a home user price, but must be installed only by an accredited installer following specific guidelines. All installations are guaranteed for 12 months, and telephone support is available 7 days a week.
 We always recommend a train installer fits the product as some parts if not fitted correctly or forced can break and they are very costly to replace.
The Christmas song of the day comes courtesy of the Live Lounge again on bbc. A cover of ‘A fairytale in New York’

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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Hylas 1 Vs Tooway day 1 - Overview.

Satellite internet is little known about in the mainstream of technologies. But there are two systems that complete for the limelight in the UK market. Both are using the KA-band to send receive data, this allows for faster internet connections than the previous KU-band.

Tooways’s system is engineered to be quick, easy solution for the rural home users which will provide a connection which is faster than the dial-up connection previously had.

Hylas 1 is a commercial quality system, regarded in the industry as the professional system; It is priced a little higher than Tooway but offering high standards with equipment and quality which were not previously available as the price.

Christmas countdown song of the day...As Micheal Buble was in the Live Lounge today on BBC Radio 1 here is his cover of ‘White Christmas.’ Always reminds me of ‘Home Alone’

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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Countryside broadband!

News today is finally catching up with what lots of us knew. The 4G network is going to take longer than expected. 2013 is the now the date that residents can find themselves with a 4G network. But is this even covering the hardest to reach areas? 

I've stated news before about rural homes and businesses in areas where broadband cannot reach. This has not highlighted the issue. Even more homes face not being up to date with the latest technology. Many of them may not even be covered in the plans for the 4G networks.

"Current plans mean the 4G network won't be in place until 2013 at the earliest and will only allow for a maximum of 98% of the UK to be covered."

"Coverage is just part of it," he says.
"The other issue is with regard to connection speeds."
"We're seeing that widening gap between those people in rural areas, in terms of the speed of their connection with broadband, and those superfast connections that are increasingly emerging in urban areas."
Phil Bricknell
Report from BBC news

So now that other technologies have been given a go and failed to give a correct date, and even if the service would cover the areas which are most needy. 

How about give satellite broadband a go? fast speeds, a reliable service and cheaper than you may thin. As the technology evolves the price decreases as they find ways to make the actual satellites cheaper and the dishes themselves smaller.

This is only a short blog for the day
Also i am starting a christmas song countdown todays song comes from Coldplay- Christmas Lights, not an oldie but still a good song, especially for all you fans. 

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Friday, 2 December 2011

Satellite broadband packages for home

It’s that Festive time of year. But this year there is more strain on money woes than usual.  Heating bills alone cost a large chunk of the UK population over 10% of their monthly income.  But whilst there are these worries HySpeed Broadband has decided to go against trends and cut its prices!

Satellite internet has always been seen as an expensive market, and to be perfectly honest the costs will never match up with conventional wired solutions, due to satellite rental and equipment costs.  

Our satellite broadband solutions have now just become more affordable whilst keeping the top quality we have always strived to have.  

As stated here are the price changes.

Package name                         Old price                              New Price

HySpeed I                               £29.99p/m                          £19.50p/m

HySpeed II                              £39.99p/m                          £26.50p/m

HySpeed III                             £49.99p/m                          £32.99p/m

HySpeed Pro I                         £59.99p/m                          £43.99p/m

HySpeed Pro II                       £69.99p/m                          £60.80p/m

For for a full list of prices and plans visit our satellite broadband packages for home

As you can see the price drop is quite significant. We feel that the customer should not be punishing for living in a picturesque rural not-spots, or just to far away from the telephone exchange. So we want to give the best deals in order to get Britain up to speed and join the cyber community. Whether it be on Facebook (‘Like us’), Twitter (‘tweet us’),  Google+ ( ‘Circle us’?), or any other forms of social media.

Please pass this blog on as if it is not helping you, it could help out a family who are not connected. Raise awareness for rural not-spots! And help out a family today. 

(we are not in partnership with John Lewis)

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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

More UK funding for broadband

More UK funding for broadband

Chancellor George Osborne announced yesterday in his autumn statement that an extra £5bn will be spent on infrastructure projects such as roads, railways and Broadband networks.

So the best place of course for the broadband money to be spent is in areas with already higher than average broadband connections, (London, Belfast, Edinburgh and Cardiff.)  A further 6 cities will be identified later.
A statement from George Osborne said:

"It means creating new superfast digital networks for companies across our country. These do not exist today. See what countries like China or Brazil are building and you'll also see why we risk falling behind the rest of the world."

"Our great cities are at the heart of our regional economies. And we will help bring world leading, superfast broadband and Wi-Fi connections to 10 of them - including the capitals of all four nations.
The plan is to create a hub of super-fast cities with broadband speeds of between 80 to 100Mbps (megabits per second) and city-wide high-speed mobile connectivity.

The UK’s current average speed of connection reaches 6.8Mbps. (check your speed) The big films in the industry see this as another opportunity to extend their networks to create a Monopoly that relies on their infrastructure and resellers will fill in the gap by competing to by line rental and sell it on for a small profit margin in order to gain Customers.

At a push £530m has been set aside given to local councils to work out the best solution for their communities. Some 1.5 million people in the UK still cannot receive a broadband connection.  Making a digital Britain surely could have helped these people with grants, or even a small reassurance that they are on the list to get a connection. Unfortunately they cannot raise their voices through social media.

There are lots of companies who are able to help in these situations so if you know people who are offline. Get them to contact someone who works with rural broadband. Or at least write to their local council so they know there is a calling for it.

The Welsh Broadband scheme is set up to help those in Wales who need it. So if you live in a rural part of Wales and cannot get a connection greater than 2mbps contact us and we help you through the process.

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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

A short History of Satellite Broadband

The First satellite went into orbit in the 1950s. Since then when satellites seemed to be more of a statement between Countries ‘look how big my satellite is’ and ‘look what my satellite can do’ (*cough*USA *cough*). They have evolved in very complex communication devices which are used in defence, spy and our favourite of all Internet.

As Russia and the USA competed in the space race the fascination and glory to a nation of launching new satellites grew.

The Birth of satellite Internet

As advances in technology continued to improve, the internet continued to grow and the number of satellites in orbit continued to increase. Scientists started working on transmitting data across wireless communication points. Their efforts paid off when researches successfully linked two European computers to an American network by the way of Satellite communication services. 

Now days satellite internet is not a rarity. Of course those in built up societies would cringe at the thought of not having unlimited downloads and a 2mb/s connection. But many people have no other choice and satellite internet gives them access to the rest of the World.

Of course it is for the rural locations around the World. But it is also for back-up systems where businesses rely on a internet connection. Using a satellite system as a back-up can provide a reliable connection when the primary connection fails.

The Future for satellite Internet

Satellite internet is going to continue to grow in areas which need it the most. The advances in technology have seen pushes to get more people subscribing to the service. Even in the UK more than 1.5million people cannot access the internet and BT have no plans to link them to the network as it would not benefit them financially to do so.

We are also excited about the launch of the Hylas2 Avanti satellite to cover Middle East and North Africa.  This will bring cheaper options to those residents and give a infrastructure which is currently not there. 

To see if there is an area you could get satellite internet in see our coverage maps

Do the right thing and follow me on all media's I will answer questions and follow back.

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Friday, 25 November 2011

Welsh Broadband Support Scheme

Welsh Broadband Support Scheme; could it help you?

We have been working hard to target areas in Wales as we have seen these are the most affected areas for ‘not-spots’ in the County and deserve the most attention in order to get the residents and businesses up to speed with the UK.

The Welsh Government’s Broadband Scheme set off to improve of the current broadband infrastructure in Wales by offering up to £1,000 for people still using a dial-up connection. (City folk gasp...dial-up connection...still.)  

The Government has decided to extend this scheme out with an extra £2m being added and can now be used to help areas where connectivity is available but less than the 2mbps the UK government wants to achieve by 2014.

The Welsh government has set about to put plans in place in order to have ultra high speed broadband by 2020. This target could be extended as problems arise.

The scheme supports Satellite internet and satellite broadband solutions though which mean services can offer usually high installation costs for FREE! Saving you easily over £500.

So far 800 applications have been approved and the Welsh government are encouraging residents to use the funding available to them.  

HySpeed Broadband have a special offer in place to offer Welsh residents if you are eligible to apply for the funding we can reduce the price of your monthly plan significantly and give you FREE installation.  For a satellite broadband system this makes it a very attractive option for you. Best of all if you ring now you could have it installed before Christmas. What a fantastic present for the Whole Family.

Hope everyone has a good weekend. Be sure to click on our website. and follow!

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Thursday, 24 November 2011

5 ways to improve your social media experiance

Social Media has been at the forefront of a new age of marketing. When I joined HySpeed Broadband we had planted a social media seed with a Facebook page. I took it upon myself to grow this seed into a social media family tree. 

Now HySpeed Broadband can be seen on all social media platforms. I would just like to share with you some discoveries along the way. Sharing is caring.

Firstly blogging. This is key to any business. You may not think anybody wants to read about what you have to say. But as long as it informs and gives a key message without to much self promotion you can go a long way.  I have personally only had this blog for less than 3 months but in that time I doubled the first month’s views and already tripled the third month’s views over the seconds.

Twitter. Twitter is a great place to stay active on the web, keep in contact with the customers and show them you are human as well and have a personality. I encourage interaction as those who are mearly self promoting businesses will have the wrong type of followers. An organic growth of targeted twitter followers is a greater than 1,000 screaming ‘one direction’ fans, unless you’re trying to promote a new rival brand. Then they could be useful. In the case of satellite broadband though I don’t think many of them realise how exciting it really is J

Google+ is new to a lot of people and it seems the only people on Google+ or the big ‘G’ (as people like to refer to it as) is other social media buffs. It’s a good design and allows you to get away from Facebook and start afresh. I have also learnt a little secret. Click on my Google+ account feed and see what I have done to my profile picture & banner. It gives the page a whole new twist.

But the real key is to get onto as many social media platforms as possible, keep them active and interact with customers, potential customers, anyone who has a question and of course competitors J

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Please check out all my other forms of social media, I’ll always stay interactive and you never no. Might even ‘RT’, ‘Like’, repost, blog about or even guest blog (getting ahead of myself)

Friday, 18 November 2011

Is Tourism affected by Broadband speeds?

Before I Start please comment, and show your support, something is always better than nothing.

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When I first joined HySpeed Broadband, I set about finding a demographic that needed our service, or a partnership to work with. I stumbled upon the tourism sector. As many city folk agree checking e-mails, Facebook, twitter, and of course reading the HySpeed Broadband blog are essential in life.
Where would you be if you couldn’t do a little bit of Facebook stalking?

A news report published yesterday in titled ‘Broadband notspots ‘hold back tourism in rural Wales’ states that the ‘not-spots’ in rural Wales is a large factor to how a company competes on the market, often losing out on sales due to not supplying an active internet connection. One Pembrokeshire hotelier has spent £8,000 putting a wireless broadband system in to offer his guests a Wi-Fi connection.

Satellite internet for Wales/ satellite broadband for Wales, whatever you want to call it. The Welsh government are trying to help by offering a grant of up to £1,000 for installing a broadband connection. On record only 1,700 people have applied for this scheme so far.

Satellite broadband could be an option for those living in Wales. The scepticism the public have over satellite broadband is the speed, and will it really work? I can assure you before I came to work for HySpeed Broadband I to disbelieve anything that was not either copper cabled or the ever so prominent fibre optics. But seeing the satellite system in operation installed my trust in it. In fact I am currently using it now without a hitch.

Chris Osborne, chair of Wales Tourism Alliance stated in the article ‘if this satellite broadband service can deliver what it claims, it will make a significant difference, not only to rural tourism businesses, but also their customers who demand good internet connections during their trip.’

The choice is really down to you for which internet provider you choose, and/or what system you would want to use. But for technical knowledge, experience and customer relations we can sure point you in the right direction.

Thank you for reading, to read more about this issue why don’t you try.

Just a quick reminder. HySpeed broadband does work with the Welsh government broadband scheme. And will gladly demonstrate our service. Satellite internet for Wales for the future request today.

I hope you have enjoyed reading.

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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Can I recieved a satellite signal.

Hello everyone,

We had someone ring up the office yesterday interested in a satellite broadband connection, This gentleman lived in the most Northern reaches of Scotland and worked on a oil rig. He wanted a satellite internet connection for the home.

We went through the process of the solutions we can provide. and how we can add a VoIP line. It got near to the end of the phone call when he asked weather a large hill next to him would upset the connection?

So here is the actual point of this blog.

our satellite broadband systems are going to work 100% of the time. the Hylas1 Satellite is pointed 33 degrees West. so overcoming any hill unless your East of a mountain with a steep cliff face of more than 33 degrees you should be absolutely fine. Even if you are in this picturesque yet unfortunate spot there are ways around the matter.

Cables are expensive especially when you want them to be strong and keep the signal strength up. HySpeed Broadband uses the very best to ensure your connection is not at a disadvantage. we can extend the satellite up to 30m away from the house it's self without losing any signal strength. More than this and we will have to get a more powerful cable. but all scenery man made natural can be over come.

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Friday, 11 November 2011

Contention Ratios

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We will now enter the wonderfully confusing world of Contention ratios. I hope you all enjoy. Makes you think really...where are these big brands cutting costs? and why does Call of Duty always slow down during peak times!!!....but that's enough about that. enjoy....written by Stephen.

Contention ratio is number of people who are sharing your bandwidth. All but the most expensive (and we mean really expensive!)  internet connections use contention. Suppliers of land line, satellite, cable and mobile systems use contention to make their offerings more affordable.  This means that they rely on not everybody using the connection at the same time. You may feel you are getting a raw deal if you have to share bandwidth that you have paid for.  A high contention ratio will mean that you

All but the most expensive broadband connections share bandwidth, and rely on users not to all use their connection at the same time. It may seem unfair, but this applies for any form of broadband connection - landline, satellite, 3g, WiMax - all use contention to reduce the cost to the end user and to allow more efficient use of their expensive equipment.

Good Afternoon from the Hyspeed team and happy 11/11/11

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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

A short guide to satellite broadband

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Written by Stephen, the new member of the HySpeed Broadband team

Firstly I would like to say we have jumped on the band wagon and are officially on Google+ join us in our 'circles of fun'   

You are probably reading this because you are dissatisfied with the speed and /or reliability of your internet connection, perhaps because you live in a remote location too far away from a BT exchange. You are considering investing in a better solution. Or perhaps my twitterlinks done their job and here you are in both cases read on you may find something interesting.
 As with most new technologies, there are loads of acronyms, jargon and obscure tech speak.  It is actually not as complicated as you may think, and this very short guide will explain most of the terms you need to understand. 

Satellite communication is by no means new – in 1962, the Telstar 1 satellite linked the US and the UK by a means other than a transatlantic copper cable.   Fifty years on, most of us take this technology for granted. In the last few months, the Hylas 1 satellite has made satellite broadband a possibility for most households.  It has achieved this because the cost of the required VSAT  is quite low, data plans are affordable and the end user requires very little technical knowledge.

By installing a satellite dish, sometimes called a VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) to transmit and receive data to and from the internet. This allows you to use the internet / email / social media as if you had a BT connection.  The VSAT is installed on the exterior wall or roof of your house and pointed at the Hylas 1 Satellite which orbits the earth close to the equator in a constant (geostationary) position.  (See our guide for the optimal positioningof  the VSAT).  The Hylas1 satellite then transmits your data or request for data to a base station, sometimes called a teleport. The base station / teleport is linked to the backbone of the internet so that you can have a fast and efficient satellite internet connection from anywhere in Europe. All you need is the VSAT, a satellite modem and of course a computer!  

As per usual thankyou for reading, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight! please help us out by following our efforts :-) 

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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Satellite Broadband the HySpeed way!

Hello All,

Firstly I would like to say thank you we have passed over 100 views on my Blog. Every mile stone should be counted so you no where you came from.

Satellite Broadband should be seen as a cup cake compared to the much larger Cabled Internet Triple Tiered Cheesecake in market size terms. Whilst a few large company's dominate the Cabled internet Market. There are many companies Fighting for the crumbs in the Satellite Broadband market.

Here is Why HySpeed Broadband Deserves a slice of the action.

We do not hide our costs in 24 month plans, where you are tied in for two years to a satellite contract.We do not as well make it seem like our price is low because of our usage and then charge an extraordinary amount per Gb extra that you download. Our service is based on the whole package, we take pride on our technical ability with all our support staff experts in satellite technology.

we also take pride in our ability to have a low sharing ratio which gives the user a much clearer connection rate. Many companies are are using double and in some cases triple the sharing ratio of us. This means for example you may be sharing your 'satellite beam' with 25 other people giving a good connection. but lower cost company's could be sharing your 'beam' with 100 other people. Cutting your costs but also your quality.

Most rural areas who have been waiting to get on-line for many years would not like to receiving a bad signal which puts them out of pocket and continues to be slow. We at HySpeed Broadband want to give the highest quality service around. This is why we have over 50 Government bodies using our services across Europe and the Middle East. we also deal with large Energy companies supplying them with phone lines (VoIPtig) and Satellite Broadband (TigrisNet) systems.

Would these companies rely or use a connection which could fail and resort to a loss in Business?

So when you are looking for Satellite Broadband, you live in a Rural Area of the UK and / or a 'not-spot' and the cables are not being laid then give us a ring, we can sort out the service for you and get you connected. You can be checking e-mails, Facebook, Internet Shopping, or even writing your own blog in no time. HySpeed Broadband makes this all possible.

Thank you for reading, in case I don't see you, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Video Conferencing: Keep them keen treat it Green!

Business trips sometimes cannot be avoided, nor advised as the face to face meeting between two people is the best think you can get. It allows you to read the other person’s body language and it also lets people see who you are, in my case genuine, friendly, intelligent, and the kind of person who you can do business with (all subject to opinion, my own views are expressed by myself only). 

let’s take a trip into a business World with some piratical examples. you have an existing client in Japan who's been using your services for a long time, he wants an update on how your company is doing it, but he refuses to talk on the phone as it is not personable. The costly solution would be to send over a representative to update him, obviously in these times your be paying a high price for a plane ticket, accommodation whilst he is away, travel expenses to get around the city whilst he is there. Plus also you may be losing a couple of days of work from this representative due to travel times etc. 

Video conferencing has long been an option which businesses do not like, as it can encounter many problems.  Latency issues, vision and voice quality, no connection between the persons involved. 

We believe that video conferencing is the future of business, creating a formal business meeting atmosphere abroad whilst not leaving your own office. We believe that video conferencing allows increased productivity whilst cutting cost and still giving that personable touch that clients, customers & business associates deserve.
TigrisNet solutions integrate the finest video conferencing equipment that integrates video and voice to connect users with each other remotely.
With our solutions important meetings can be organised at short notice.  Employees can work from home, increasing work flexibility and meetings do not require large room facilities.
Here at TigrisNet we care about the environment and try to cut our carbon footprint where ever possible. With video conferencing we can save money and the environment by reducing travel where ever possible cutting down on CO2 emissions.

Video conferencing has many other benefits;

  • Reduces travel & accommodation expenses on business trips. The cost of equipment is covered with these expensive costs.
  • Face to face meetings rather than over the telephone allow for a more personable and interactive experience.
  • Real-Time communication allows for a quick way to do business.
  •       Visual data exchange gives the tools to teach or give a presentation successfully from your own working space.
  • Currently we have helped many different sectors with video conferencing, some of our clients include; Oil Companies, Educational institutions and tele medicine where video conferencing can help to diagnosis, consult & the transmission of medical images.

TigrisNet can offer video conferencing solutions which pay for themselves after a couple of years sue to the costs saved. It also

More information on.

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