Friday, 25 November 2011

Welsh Broadband Support Scheme

Welsh Broadband Support Scheme; could it help you?

We have been working hard to target areas in Wales as we have seen these are the most affected areas for ‘not-spots’ in the County and deserve the most attention in order to get the residents and businesses up to speed with the UK.

The Welsh Government’s Broadband Scheme set off to improve of the current broadband infrastructure in Wales by offering up to £1,000 for people still using a dial-up connection. (City folk gasp...dial-up connection...still.)  

The Government has decided to extend this scheme out with an extra £2m being added and can now be used to help areas where connectivity is available but less than the 2mbps the UK government wants to achieve by 2014.

The Welsh government has set about to put plans in place in order to have ultra high speed broadband by 2020. This target could be extended as problems arise.

The scheme supports Satellite internet and satellite broadband solutions though which mean services can offer usually high installation costs for FREE! Saving you easily over £500.

So far 800 applications have been approved and the Welsh government are encouraging residents to use the funding available to them.  

HySpeed Broadband have a special offer in place to offer Welsh residents if you are eligible to apply for the funding we can reduce the price of your monthly plan significantly and give you FREE installation.  For a satellite broadband system this makes it a very attractive option for you. Best of all if you ring now you could have it installed before Christmas. What a fantastic present for the Whole Family.

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