Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Satellite Broadband the HySpeed way!

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Firstly I would like to say thank you we have passed over 100 views on my Blog. Every mile stone should be counted so you no where you came from.

Satellite Broadband should be seen as a cup cake compared to the much larger Cabled Internet Triple Tiered Cheesecake in market size terms. Whilst a few large company's dominate the Cabled internet Market. There are many companies Fighting for the crumbs in the Satellite Broadband market.

Here is Why HySpeed Broadband Deserves a slice of the action.

We do not hide our costs in 24 month plans, where you are tied in for two years to a satellite contract.We do not as well make it seem like our price is low because of our usage and then charge an extraordinary amount per Gb extra that you download. Our service is based on the whole package, we take pride on our technical ability with all our support staff experts in satellite technology.

we also take pride in our ability to have a low sharing ratio which gives the user a much clearer connection rate. Many companies are are using double and in some cases triple the sharing ratio of us. This means for example you may be sharing your 'satellite beam' with 25 other people giving a good connection. but lower cost company's could be sharing your 'beam' with 100 other people. Cutting your costs but also your quality.

Most rural areas who have been waiting to get on-line for many years would not like to receiving a bad signal which puts them out of pocket and continues to be slow. We at HySpeed Broadband want to give the highest quality service around. This is why we have over 50 Government bodies using our services across Europe and the Middle East. we also deal with large Energy companies supplying them with phone lines (VoIPtig) and Satellite Broadband (TigrisNet) systems.

Would these companies rely or use a connection which could fail and resort to a loss in Business?

So when you are looking for Satellite Broadband, you live in a Rural Area of the UK and / or a 'not-spot' and the cables are not being laid then give us a ring, we can sort out the service for you and get you connected. You can be checking e-mails, Facebook, Internet Shopping, or even writing your own blog in no time. HySpeed Broadband makes this all possible.

Thank you for reading, in case I don't see you, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight

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