Thursday, 3 November 2011

Video Conferencing: Keep them keen treat it Green!

Business trips sometimes cannot be avoided, nor advised as the face to face meeting between two people is the best think you can get. It allows you to read the other person’s body language and it also lets people see who you are, in my case genuine, friendly, intelligent, and the kind of person who you can do business with (all subject to opinion, my own views are expressed by myself only). 

let’s take a trip into a business World with some piratical examples. you have an existing client in Japan who's been using your services for a long time, he wants an update on how your company is doing it, but he refuses to talk on the phone as it is not personable. The costly solution would be to send over a representative to update him, obviously in these times your be paying a high price for a plane ticket, accommodation whilst he is away, travel expenses to get around the city whilst he is there. Plus also you may be losing a couple of days of work from this representative due to travel times etc. 

Video conferencing has long been an option which businesses do not like, as it can encounter many problems.  Latency issues, vision and voice quality, no connection between the persons involved. 

We believe that video conferencing is the future of business, creating a formal business meeting atmosphere abroad whilst not leaving your own office. We believe that video conferencing allows increased productivity whilst cutting cost and still giving that personable touch that clients, customers & business associates deserve.
TigrisNet solutions integrate the finest video conferencing equipment that integrates video and voice to connect users with each other remotely.
With our solutions important meetings can be organised at short notice.  Employees can work from home, increasing work flexibility and meetings do not require large room facilities.
Here at TigrisNet we care about the environment and try to cut our carbon footprint where ever possible. With video conferencing we can save money and the environment by reducing travel where ever possible cutting down on CO2 emissions.

Video conferencing has many other benefits;

  • Reduces travel & accommodation expenses on business trips. The cost of equipment is covered with these expensive costs.
  • Face to face meetings rather than over the telephone allow for a more personable and interactive experience.
  • Real-Time communication allows for a quick way to do business.
  •       Visual data exchange gives the tools to teach or give a presentation successfully from your own working space.
  • Currently we have helped many different sectors with video conferencing, some of our clients include; Oil Companies, Educational institutions and tele medicine where video conferencing can help to diagnosis, consult & the transmission of medical images.

TigrisNet can offer video conferencing solutions which pay for themselves after a couple of years sue to the costs saved. It also

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