Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Countryside broadband!

News today is finally catching up with what lots of us knew. The 4G network is going to take longer than expected. 2013 is the now the date that residents can find themselves with a 4G network. But is this even covering the hardest to reach areas? 

I've stated news before about rural homes and businesses in areas where broadband cannot reach. This has not highlighted the issue. Even more homes face not being up to date with the latest technology. Many of them may not even be covered in the plans for the 4G networks.

"Current plans mean the 4G network won't be in place until 2013 at the earliest and will only allow for a maximum of 98% of the UK to be covered."

"Coverage is just part of it," he says.
"The other issue is with regard to connection speeds."
"We're seeing that widening gap between those people in rural areas, in terms of the speed of their connection with broadband, and those superfast connections that are increasingly emerging in urban areas."
Phil Bricknell
Report from BBC news

So now that other technologies have been given a go and failed to give a correct date, and even if the service would cover the areas which are most needy. 

How about give satellite broadband a go? fast speeds, a reliable service and cheaper than you may thin. As the technology evolves the price decreases as they find ways to make the actual satellites cheaper and the dishes themselves smaller.

This is only a short blog for the day
Also i am starting a christmas song countdown todays song comes from Coldplay- Christmas Lights, not an oldie but still a good song, especially for all you fans. 

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