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A short guide to satellite broadband

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Written by Stephen, the new member of the HySpeed Broadband team

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You are probably reading this because you are dissatisfied with the speed and /or reliability of your internet connection, perhaps because you live in a remote location too far away from a BT exchange. You are considering investing in a better solution. Or perhaps my twitterlinks done their job and here you are in both cases read on you may find something interesting.
 As with most new technologies, there are loads of acronyms, jargon and obscure tech speak.  It is actually not as complicated as you may think, and this very short guide will explain most of the terms you need to understand. 

Satellite communication is by no means new – in 1962, the Telstar 1 satellite linked the US and the UK by a means other than a transatlantic copper cable.   Fifty years on, most of us take this technology for granted. In the last few months, the Hylas 1 satellite has made satellite broadband a possibility for most households.  It has achieved this because the cost of the required VSAT  is quite low, data plans are affordable and the end user requires very little technical knowledge.

By installing a satellite dish, sometimes called a VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) to transmit and receive data to and from the internet. This allows you to use the internet / email / social media as if you had a BT connection.  The VSAT is installed on the exterior wall or roof of your house and pointed at the Hylas 1 Satellite which orbits the earth close to the equator in a constant (geostationary) position.  (See our guide for the optimal positioningof  the VSAT).  The Hylas1 satellite then transmits your data or request for data to a base station, sometimes called a teleport. The base station / teleport is linked to the backbone of the internet so that you can have a fast and efficient satellite internet connection from anywhere in Europe. All you need is the VSAT, a satellite modem and of course a computer!  

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