Thursday, 24 November 2011

5 ways to improve your social media experiance

Social Media has been at the forefront of a new age of marketing. When I joined HySpeed Broadband we had planted a social media seed with a Facebook page. I took it upon myself to grow this seed into a social media family tree. 

Now HySpeed Broadband can be seen on all social media platforms. I would just like to share with you some discoveries along the way. Sharing is caring.

Firstly blogging. This is key to any business. You may not think anybody wants to read about what you have to say. But as long as it informs and gives a key message without to much self promotion you can go a long way.  I have personally only had this blog for less than 3 months but in that time I doubled the first month’s views and already tripled the third month’s views over the seconds.

Twitter. Twitter is a great place to stay active on the web, keep in contact with the customers and show them you are human as well and have a personality. I encourage interaction as those who are mearly self promoting businesses will have the wrong type of followers. An organic growth of targeted twitter followers is a greater than 1,000 screaming ‘one direction’ fans, unless you’re trying to promote a new rival brand. Then they could be useful. In the case of satellite broadband though I don’t think many of them realise how exciting it really is J

Google+ is new to a lot of people and it seems the only people on Google+ or the big ‘G’ (as people like to refer to it as) is other social media buffs. It’s a good design and allows you to get away from Facebook and start afresh. I have also learnt a little secret. Click on my Google+ account feed and see what I have done to my profile picture & banner. It gives the page a whole new twist.

But the real key is to get onto as many social media platforms as possible, keep them active and interact with customers, potential customers, anyone who has a question and of course competitors J

Twitter: HySpeedBB
Facebook: HySpeedBroadbandgGroup
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Please check out all my other forms of social media, I’ll always stay interactive and you never no. Might even ‘RT’, ‘Like’, repost, blog about or even guest blog (getting ahead of myself)

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