Friday, 28 October 2011

VoIP service: Saving Money, Saving Time, Staying close.

There has been lost of talk recently involving the prices of a fixed phone line and how much calls are currently costing. The situation know has seen many businesses want to switch from their traditional phone line to a VoIP line. But what is this VoIP and how can it help businesses?

VoIPtig technology runs off an active internet connection. making calls through IP routes situated in the net. Hence the name 'Voice Over Internet Protocol'. the advantages of this technology are NO actual phone lines are needed. Phone lines are usually expensive and go unused due to technology these days meaning a lot of e-mails are sent out. With the increase in business abroad and the invention of the thing we all cherish the most, the internet. We are now making more calls abroad to do business, keep up with friends and talk to family. VoIPtig taps into this market. Making calls over the internet allows an active internet connection to run as a normal phone line. VoIPtig gives very low costs abroad with outstanding quality, unlike the free VoIP services (Skype, facebook chat, google+) which all use a high bandwidth meaning call quality can sometimes be diminished in a broadband 'not spot'.

The real business benefit is from DID numbers, these give a user a unique area code which can be local to the area in which they do business. For example, a businesses man situated in Dubai who makes lots of calls with England can choose to have a DID number from the London area. VoIptig will facilitate this and give an '020' number which will now give UNLIMITED local calls to the UK for a small price. This cuts many costs for the business.

VoIPtig can also offer a IPBX either hosted or managed. This gives offices which may be apart there own network, giving internal calls for FREE to the routed phone lines. It also allows for an unlimited amount of phone lines to be added giving room for expansion. This is great for international businesses or companies with head offices in different locations. This who system also runs off the internet system, so is again saving money.

there is a growing need for staying in contact with your business at all times. But e-mail is not always the quickest or easiest method of communication. other VoIP providers can give you calls where ever you are in the World. VoIPtig makes this easier. We have developed our VoIPtig Dongle, this is a quick 'plug & play' method of using our system. The software is instantly available for any computer with an active internet connection which you plug the dongle into. employees travelling overseas can easily plug into a computer and use the IPBX network which has been set up meaning all calls are FREE, and extension numbers can be easily used (no need for dialling codes). This solution is great for business men, people who travel, or away for long periods of time for work.

VoIPtig packages can be seen on the website we offer some of the lowest call rates internationally to help you keep in touch. sign up now for your FREE e-number to get calling friends right away. remember VoIPtig 2 VoIPtig calls are always FREE!!!

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Keep tuned for my blog on Monday about Video Conferencing Solutions and how it can keep your company Green, whilst saving money for the company.

Thank you all for reading

Thomas Light

VoIPtig marketing team


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Thursday, 27 October 2011

New Services from TigrisNet, getting the Middle East Online!!

We would like to introduce you to our new solution for satellite broadband.

Currently satellite broadband systems are running from a KA-band we are adopting the technology of the brand NEW KU-band. This will Increase the transmission data can be carried, increasing your download speeds. Running real time applications such as VoIPtig will rise in speed increasing the already high quality of the service.

Another important aspect to note is the satellite dish itself, the KU-band allows for a smaller more aesthetic dish to be positioned retrieving signal.  Although the dish is smaller it does not mean you are going to see any signs in dropping signal. In fact the opposite with the NEW technology, it allows the dish to retrieve an uninterrupted connection constantly.

Unlike you may think there is a lower equipment cost than the previous KU-band satellite dishes.

This band will cover the Middle East, Europe and parts of Africa, to see a full coverage map visit our website  

TigrisNet are committed to adapting our product to what the customer wants, and prides ourselves on an outstanding customer service experience and technical advice. The advantages of our product once again are;
  • Higher efficiency, uninterrupted connections.
  • Greater Bandwidth available, faster connection speeds.
  •  Lower equipment costs
  • High coverage area, able to cover areas across the Middle East, Europe and Parts of Africa. To see exact locations follow the link to our website at the bottom of the e-mail.
  •  Fully qualified technicians with years of experience and expertise in satellite technology.
  •  Flexibility to adapt our product to the customers’ needs.

There are two ways to receive our service; we can offer an individual package for a business or home owner. We can also offer to set up a Wi-Fi network which will allow more users access the same connection; this could reduce the cost to the end user, and may also benefit businesses with close offices.
Thank you for taking time to read about our exciting new product set for release early 2012. To find out exactly what solutions TigrisNet can offer you, or what our price plans are contact us directly from the details below, one of our friendly team would be happy to answer any queries or questions you may have.
Kind Regards,

Thomas Light

VoIPtig marketing team


Tel :        +44 (0) 208 773 2060 UK  Ext. 111
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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Winter Blues solved with Broadband

Good Morning on this October day.

So the UK officially only has two seasons cold and colder, and we are definitely heading towards colder right now. As there is only 60 days left until Christmas you have a lot of preparation to do, presents to get, food to get, cards to send. But remember these tasks do not have to be difficult especially when the snow starts to set in and the small county lanes gathers a white blanket of snow making it quite a scary trip to get all these things.

HySpeed Broadband has the solutions for all the rural areas across the UK. We unlike ADSL providers, can give you broadband now. NO waiting, NO petitions, NO hassle. You have decided you want broadband now, HySpeed Broadband can be there the next day to install it for you. Also unlike ADSL broadband providers, we can give you the speeds which are stated on our website and which you pay for. In the broadband marketing dictionary apparently saying 'up to speeds of 10Mbps' is allowed as you did not state 10Mbps consistently. When in reality the customer may only be getting 2Mbps or even less. Our service does not work like this. We give each customer an uninterrupted connection where speeds are what you have paid for.

Hyspeed broadband also takes away the hassle of technical teams and call centres. Our support team are all fully qualified in satellite technology and are experts in the field. If a problem does arise they will give there time solely to fixing the problem. There will be no waiting for an engineering to come within the next week between 9am and 7pm. If a visit is needed we will set a time and be there promptly to start work.

So if broadband one to check of the Christmas list. Or you would like it in time to order all them essential gifts. Even to get in contact with a loved one abroad using a VoIP service. Our service is the one for you.

Give us a call today or drop us an e-mail and we will get back to you at a time to suit you. Each package is fitted to suit the end uses. and there is an UNLIMTED download limit between the hours of 00.00am and 06.00am.

Thank you for reading, have a good afternoon, evening & night.

Tom Light
HySpeed Broadband Marketing Team

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Monday, 3 October 2011

Fresh Ideas For Travelling

Hello once again,

Here at HySpeed Broadband we would like to take a moment to talk about one of our sister companies. This product will be of service to those to travel and overseas students alike, Or for those who would like just to stay in contact with family and friends abroad.

In many cases the traditional method would of been using a pre-paid top up card which went through a mediator to link your calls. Nowadays skype is the preferred method to make free calls over the net to loved ones.

Here is the problem, Skype uses a large bandwidth that although here in the UK is fine as we have the capabilities to match the usage and our calls come through to each other quite clearer. Areas across the World do not have this infrastructure in place as of yet to deal with such badnwidth making the calls unclear and leaving the users feel unsatisfied with the service.

This is where I introduce the new solutions.


This service allows VoIPtig to VoIPtig calls to be made free! just like Skype, it also gives you the freedom to use the service on any computer with an active internet connection.

Bandwidth usage is much lower than Skype meaning calls are HIGH Quality, we also have some of the cheapest prices around for making calls to landlines across the World. check out our website to see our latest call rates.

So if your still unsure here are some quick points about our service.

What makes VoIPtig different to Skype?
  • ü  VoIPtig uses low bandwidth meaning calls are made and voice clarity is exceptionally clear
  • ü  VoIPtig offers a VoIPtig dongle with allows you to take your VoIPtig phone to any location and use any computer with an active internet connection.
  • ü  VoIPtig gives you low cost calls to landline numbers check our call rates on the VoIPtig website and you will our prices are competitive with other VoIP companies.
  • ü  VoIPtig makes calls to other VoIPtig users for FREE!
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