Thursday, 28 June 2012

How to check your data usage online!

How do I check my how much data I’ve used.

Your monthly usage totals include both uploading and downloading from your HySpeed Broadband service. All usage is measured in Megabytes (MB).

Avanti’s online usage check displays your usage total in Gigabytes (GB), each gigabyte being roughly one thousand Megabytes

A table has been provided below showing rough guidelines for how much each usage example consumes.

Viewing a web page
0.2 MB
Uploading a picture to Facebook
0.2 MB
Downloading an email (no attachments)
0.01 MB
Downloading an MP3
5 MB
Watching a two minute YouTube clip
3.75 MB
30 Minutes of online radio
22 MB
1 Hour of BBC iPlayer
280 MB
Downloading a Movie
700 MB
*please note these figures are only a guide.

How do I check my current months usage total and AUP (acceptable usage policy)Limit?

Using your HySpeed Broadband connection you are able to view your currents monthly usage total and AUP limit online by visiting . Please be aware that the online usage total is not updated in real time, it updates once every 24 hours. Also you must be using your Avanti connection to log onto ‘mystats’

If you would like any further information on how to prevent excessive usage please contact us.

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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

How to check your satellite broadband speeds! - HySpeed Broadband

How to check your Broadband speeds the correct way!

There are many speed test services available on the Internet. However, less than 1% of Internet access is performed using satellite networks and as a consequence the vast majority of speed test services are tuned for terrestrial wired services such as ADSL. They will give a result but it will simply be incorrect.
For an accurate speed test, we will ask you to download from our server to eliminate all other possible causes that are outside Avanti's control.

Testing your broadband connection correctly is simple; it can be monitored at any time of the day, by going onto From here you will be able to test your current speeds. For best results we suggest that you test the service at 3 different times of day to get the most accurate result.
If you are having trouble accessing the site, please e-mail we will send off for an official speed test and ensure you system is running correctly.

If you want a faster speed please remember that upgrading your monthly package increases download speeds and data usage, to enquire about upgrading please call 0203 582 1366 or e-mail 

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 HySpeed Broadband