Thursday, 8 December 2011

Hylas 1 Vs Tooway day 1 - Overview.

Satellite internet is little known about in the mainstream of technologies. But there are two systems that complete for the limelight in the UK market. Both are using the KA-band to send receive data, this allows for faster internet connections than the previous KU-band.

Tooways’s system is engineered to be quick, easy solution for the rural home users which will provide a connection which is faster than the dial-up connection previously had.

Hylas 1 is a commercial quality system, regarded in the industry as the professional system; It is priced a little higher than Tooway but offering high standards with equipment and quality which were not previously available as the price.

Christmas countdown song of the day...As Micheal Buble was in the Live Lounge today on BBC Radio 1 here is his cover of ‘White Christmas.’ Always reminds me of ‘Home Alone’

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