Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Welsh Broadband Scheme Ending March 2013

The Welsh Broadband Scheme has been in place for the past few years. It allows residents of Wales to apply for a grant up to £1000 for fast broadband to their home or business. 

The scheme has been working wonders for residents in Wales that know about it and have used it, helping 1,000's get online and up to speed. 

We always knew it had to come to an end at some point and now the Welsh Government have given it a date (31st March 2013). 

HySpeed Broadband have successfully installed systems across Wales, helping the residents through the process. We are now pushing for those last few applicants to come forward and apply. 

This is a great opportunity to save £££'s off the hardware and installation costs of satellite broadband. 

Please give us a call on 0203 582 1366. We will be glad to help. 

Monday, 7 January 2013

Happy Christmas 2013

All the best in 2013, thank you for taking time to read any of our blogs, it's always nice to see positive comments.

Please follow us in 2013 for further news on Broadband across the UK and especially satellite broadband solutions.


Tom and the Hyspeed Team

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UK Government sees Satellite Broadband essential for rural communities

David Willetts (Minister of State for Universities and Science & conservative MP for Havant), in a recent report has said that Satellite broadband will become an “essential means” to deliver faster internet access into rural communities.

The response came after being questioned by Harriett Baldwin (Conservative MP for West Worcestershire) in parliament, who wanted to know what role satellite broadband solutions could play in delivering internet access into rural areas within her constituency.
David Willetts responded:

We see satellite broadband as an essential means to deliver faster internet access for rural communities, businesses and individuals. Everywhere in Britain can therefore access broadband via satellite. This is an issue we regularly discuss with the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.
We got an excellent outcome from the European Space Agency ministerial last month. Britain is now the leader of the ARTES 2 programme for the development of the next generation 
telecommunications platform. It is great to see British businesses taking a lead here, and this will increase broadband speeds and reduce costs for UK users in rural and remote areas, making satellite broadband even more accessible.”

This is seen as great interest as previous government reviews and reports have seen a mixed reception on the topic of satellite connectivity, although it does have plenty of viable applications which can be utilised in rural areas such as SCADA for remote monitoring of sites.

The press surrounding satellite broadband has always been shaded by users’ bad experiences, and the affordability. But it cannot be denied it’s a system that works very well in rural areas and well as a back-up solution for the alternative cabled broadband. In the short term satellite broadband is a solution that is working, with 100% coverage* of the UK.  Fibre is a solution for the future, but when exactly it is installed it cannot be seen.

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Thursday, 13 December 2012

How pay as you go satellite broadband works.

A recent blog post I wrote, as well as other news on the web shows that pay as you go satellite broadband systems are live and active.

After exploring into this I realised no one has explained how the system will work once you have it all set it. So that’s exactly what I'm going to do now.


Just like with every satellite broadband package the equipment will consist on the antenna, satellite modem, mounting bracket/arm, LNB and the nuts and bolts.


We will arrange a day with you and an installation engineer that suits both parties, upon the visit to your property/site the engineer will discuss the best possible place to mount the satellite. On properties which are unsuitable or where customers do not wish to have a satellite antenna we are able to provide a King post mount which can be fixed anywhere on the properties land (please state this before the engineer comes to your site so we can provide the full equipment).

Once you are live

Once your pay as you go satellite broadband system is active you should be able to access the internet straight away as a 1GB top up is included in your initial cost.

At this stage feel free to use your satellite broadband connection however you like.

Checking your data usage

Satellite broadband unfortunately has data limits which may seem rather small at first. But your data can go a long way as long as you look after it. I’ve written a previous blog on how to check your data usage and given some tips to control how much data you use.

To check your data online use http://mystats.avantiplc.com this is a direct link to your satellite modem and allows you to view your data usage breakdown.

Topping up

 When the time comes that you run out of data your browser will re-direct you to a screen that asks you to top up. Topping up is an easy process that can be done online or via the phone. Once your top up request has been processed (should not take too long) your system will start to work again.

If you want to keep on top of your system and ensure it continues to work you can always top up with larger amounts.

If you would like to know any further information regarding this service or any of our other services please get in contact with us info@hyspeedbroadband.com
As always,

Thank you for taking time to read the blog, I hope to see you all soon! Remember we can continue our talks on;

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Monday, 29 October 2012

Broadband for your Hotel

Hotels in the UK are under increasing pressure to provide more to their guests whilst staying at an affordable price.  Services which used to be seen as an added extra have now become vital in hotels, and in fact pull factors when a customer is deciding on where to stay.

As with most things, the accommodation that ticks the most boxes for the customer will be the hotel that eventually gets booked into. People will firstly focus on; Location, price, climate. But after that short-list has been drawn up many will want facilities that include; Swimming pool, games room, bar and ever increasingly Wi-Fi access. When the final decision has been made it could come down to something as simple as having an adequate internet service.

Is Wi-Fi a simple fix?

Most places will tell you yes, that’s because 80% of the UK has access to fast broadband (anything that exceeds 2Mbps). What about the 20% of people who don’t have access how simple is it then? Councils can be written to, phone calls can be made, but changes to the infrastructure will take time and money.
Can hotels stand and suffer whilst their competition receives their potential bookings? Not in this economic climate.

What can be done?

Satellite broadband is one option for those who are without a reliable internet connection. It has 100% coverage of the UK with the only limitations being a line of sight has to be established to the satellite.
Satellite broadband does not have to be costly solutions either. HySpeed Broadband have developed packages specifically for Hotels, B&B’s, Guest houses and any other accommodation types that want to offer their customers a Wi-Fi solutions.

Offer your guests more with satellite broadband. Find out more about this exciting opportunity, by giving us a call on 0203 582 1366.

Thank you for reading.

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Monday, 10 September 2012

Is Your House Made From Chocolate?

This may be an unusual title and probably grabbed your attention. For us this question is actually asked before taking an order from a customer.

Houses come in all shapes, sizes, and building materials and we cannot assume that just because you live in a house it is made on bricks which are able to support a heavy satellite broadband dish and bracket.
Of course the question “is your house made from chocolate?” is an exaggeration and not to be taken seriously unless your house is actually made from chocolate…and in that case where have you been all my life! But it has to be noted that houses are made differently, and with different structures comes different challenges.

Nevertheless solutions for these problems can all be overcome. If your house is a wooden structure for example, it may not be strong enough to support the dish and mount. The solution to this problem would be to use a king post as the mount. This is a stand-alone post which can be situated anywhere that has line of sight. The dish is then mounted onto the king post and cables are laid to the satellite modem from there. In any case the satellite broadband provider should provider you will all the information you need regarding installation.

Thank you for reading, as with most posts please share and comment. 

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Pay-As-You-Go satellite broadband! from Hyspeed Broadband

Satellite broadband is an ever changing market globally, with emerging markets, new technologies and increased pressure for faster speeds and lower costs put pressure on the satellite operators and the resellers.
HySpeed Broadband a partner of Avanti Communications has listened to customer’s issues and qualms regarding bills and costs in this modern age. They are also of the knowledge that due to the technology involved and market satellite broadband is a more expensive solution compared to ADSL lines (Cable & Fibre). 

Avanti have listened to their partners including HySpeed broadband and have now brought to the forefront a new way of paying for satellite broadband.

 Avanti becomes the first European satellite operator to offer Pay-As-You-Go pricing for Ka-band services. HySpeed Broadband’s director Dr Raied Nasser said;

“As a partner of Avanti Communications will now have a new option for customers who do not like being in a contract, or don’t use the internet connection enough to warrant having a monthly subscription. It is now made easier for users to be in control themselves. They have the power to use as much, or as little as they want to. No shock bills or throttling of service for going over the monthly data allowance.” [Dr Raied Nasser]
He also went on to say.

“It also opens up a market for second home owners and the tourism lettings industry with the ever increasing demand for an internet connection whilst away.”

The new pricing model from HySpeed Broadband will be made available to new customers. HySpeed Broadband has stated that if a customer wishes to then upgrade to a monthly subscription package this is easily done.

As well as this HySpeed Broadband say;

“This may not be for all consumers out there; many users will opt to stick with monthly contracts as they need a constant connection which works out in the long run less expensive. But there will be a small number of users who will want to embrace this option. Second home or holiday home owners can now not have to worry about paying for a monthly bill in their rural home, as a simple installation of HySpeed’s Pay-As-You-Go service means they will only be paying when they are using the property. “

“It is also a great service for those in the tourism industry. There have been many cases in recent years dictating that although tourism is based on getting away from the city, and the place of work. Many tourists still look for an internet connection or Wi-Fi connectivity when choosing a place to stay as it is vital for communication. A pay-as-you-go service would offer the holiday home owners and property managers a solution for offering a broadband connection in any home across the UK with satellite broadband and a pay-as-you-go system, the party who are then staying will choose whether or not they use the service provided.”

We cannot wait for this service to get off the ground and get running. It will be a great help giving users a choice. 

Thanks for reading, 

Tom Light

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