Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Can I recieved a satellite signal.

Hello everyone,

We had someone ring up the office yesterday interested in a satellite broadband connection, This gentleman lived in the most Northern reaches of Scotland and worked on a oil rig. He wanted a satellite internet connection for the home.

We went through the process of the solutions we can provide. and how we can add a VoIP line. It got near to the end of the phone call when he asked weather a large hill next to him would upset the connection?

So here is the actual point of this blog.

our satellite broadband systems are going to work 100% of the time. the Hylas1 Satellite is pointed 33 degrees West. so overcoming any hill unless your East of a mountain with a steep cliff face of more than 33 degrees you should be absolutely fine. Even if you are in this picturesque yet unfortunate spot there are ways around the matter.

Cables are expensive especially when you want them to be strong and keep the signal strength up. HySpeed Broadband uses the very best to ensure your connection is not at a disadvantage. we can extend the satellite up to 30m away from the house it's self without losing any signal strength. More than this and we will have to get a more powerful cable. but all scenery man made natural can be over come.

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