Friday, 2 December 2011

Satellite broadband packages for home

It’s that Festive time of year. But this year there is more strain on money woes than usual.  Heating bills alone cost a large chunk of the UK population over 10% of their monthly income.  But whilst there are these worries HySpeed Broadband has decided to go against trends and cut its prices!

Satellite internet has always been seen as an expensive market, and to be perfectly honest the costs will never match up with conventional wired solutions, due to satellite rental and equipment costs.  

Our satellite broadband solutions have now just become more affordable whilst keeping the top quality we have always strived to have.  

As stated here are the price changes.

Package name                         Old price                              New Price

HySpeed I                               £29.99p/m                          £19.50p/m

HySpeed II                              £39.99p/m                          £26.50p/m

HySpeed III                             £49.99p/m                          £32.99p/m

HySpeed Pro I                         £59.99p/m                          £43.99p/m

HySpeed Pro II                       £69.99p/m                          £60.80p/m

For for a full list of prices and plans visit our satellite broadband packages for home

As you can see the price drop is quite significant. We feel that the customer should not be punishing for living in a picturesque rural not-spots, or just to far away from the telephone exchange. So we want to give the best deals in order to get Britain up to speed and join the cyber community. Whether it be on Facebook (‘Like us’), Twitter (‘tweet us’),  Google+ ( ‘Circle us’?), or any other forms of social media.

Please pass this blog on as if it is not helping you, it could help out a family who are not connected. Raise awareness for rural not-spots! And help out a family today. 

(we are not in partnership with John Lewis)

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