Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Pay-As-You-Go satellite broadband! from Hyspeed Broadband

Satellite broadband is an ever changing market globally, with emerging markets, new technologies and increased pressure for faster speeds and lower costs put pressure on the satellite operators and the resellers.
HySpeed Broadband a partner of Avanti Communications has listened to customer’s issues and qualms regarding bills and costs in this modern age. They are also of the knowledge that due to the technology involved and market satellite broadband is a more expensive solution compared to ADSL lines (Cable & Fibre). 

Avanti have listened to their partners including HySpeed broadband and have now brought to the forefront a new way of paying for satellite broadband.

 Avanti becomes the first European satellite operator to offer Pay-As-You-Go pricing for Ka-band services. HySpeed Broadband’s director Dr Raied Nasser said;

“As a partner of Avanti Communications will now have a new option for customers who do not like being in a contract, or don’t use the internet connection enough to warrant having a monthly subscription. It is now made easier for users to be in control themselves. They have the power to use as much, or as little as they want to. No shock bills or throttling of service for going over the monthly data allowance.” [Dr Raied Nasser]
He also went on to say.

“It also opens up a market for second home owners and the tourism lettings industry with the ever increasing demand for an internet connection whilst away.”

The new pricing model from HySpeed Broadband will be made available to new customers. HySpeed Broadband has stated that if a customer wishes to then upgrade to a monthly subscription package this is easily done.

As well as this HySpeed Broadband say;

“This may not be for all consumers out there; many users will opt to stick with monthly contracts as they need a constant connection which works out in the long run less expensive. But there will be a small number of users who will want to embrace this option. Second home or holiday home owners can now not have to worry about paying for a monthly bill in their rural home, as a simple installation of HySpeed’s Pay-As-You-Go service means they will only be paying when they are using the property. “

“It is also a great service for those in the tourism industry. There have been many cases in recent years dictating that although tourism is based on getting away from the city, and the place of work. Many tourists still look for an internet connection or Wi-Fi connectivity when choosing a place to stay as it is vital for communication. A pay-as-you-go service would offer the holiday home owners and property managers a solution for offering a broadband connection in any home across the UK with satellite broadband and a pay-as-you-go system, the party who are then staying will choose whether or not they use the service provided.”

We cannot wait for this service to get off the ground and get running. It will be a great help giving users a choice. 

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