Friday, 9 December 2011

Hylas 1 Vs Tooway day 2 - Technology & Installation


As discussed before both Hylas1 and Tooway are using KA-band technology. The biggest difference between these two systems is in the technology the satellites are based around.

Tooway built their satellite on excising knowledge of a satellite anatomy using the old techniques which have been tried and tested.

Hylas1 is cutting edge in its approach; part funded by the UK government the satellite was designed from the ground up with the high-speed internet delivery in mind.


All satellite internet systems will only provide a service in line with the quality of the installation - If a system is installed by a professional VSAT installer, with equipment designed to be used for the installation of Ka systems and to a recognised level of quality, then it should work to the best of its abilities. If it is self-installed or installed by a satellite TV installer, then the quality will suffer.

Tooway has always been a Do-It-Yourself solution, you can buy the equipment and either install it yourself or pay a local VSAT installer, we recommend ourselves of course, to do it for you. As installations are not guaranteed by Tooway, if you have a problem - it is your problem - unless you are a client of ours, since we install all our systems to the Hylas specification, we offer a 12 month guarantee when the equipment is bought through us.

Hylas on the other hand, is a commercial quality system at a home user price, but must be installed only by an accredited installer following specific guidelines. All installations are guaranteed for 12 months, and telephone support is available 7 days a week.
 We always recommend a train installer fits the product as some parts if not fitted correctly or forced can break and they are very costly to replace.
The Christmas song of the day comes courtesy of the Live Lounge again on bbc. A cover of ‘A fairytale in New York’

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