Wednesday, 30 November 2011

More UK funding for broadband

More UK funding for broadband

Chancellor George Osborne announced yesterday in his autumn statement that an extra £5bn will be spent on infrastructure projects such as roads, railways and Broadband networks.

So the best place of course for the broadband money to be spent is in areas with already higher than average broadband connections, (London, Belfast, Edinburgh and Cardiff.)  A further 6 cities will be identified later.
A statement from George Osborne said:

"It means creating new superfast digital networks for companies across our country. These do not exist today. See what countries like China or Brazil are building and you'll also see why we risk falling behind the rest of the world."

"Our great cities are at the heart of our regional economies. And we will help bring world leading, superfast broadband and Wi-Fi connections to 10 of them - including the capitals of all four nations.
The plan is to create a hub of super-fast cities with broadband speeds of between 80 to 100Mbps (megabits per second) and city-wide high-speed mobile connectivity.

The UK’s current average speed of connection reaches 6.8Mbps. (check your speed) The big films in the industry see this as another opportunity to extend their networks to create a Monopoly that relies on their infrastructure and resellers will fill in the gap by competing to by line rental and sell it on for a small profit margin in order to gain Customers.

At a push £530m has been set aside given to local councils to work out the best solution for their communities. Some 1.5 million people in the UK still cannot receive a broadband connection.  Making a digital Britain surely could have helped these people with grants, or even a small reassurance that they are on the list to get a connection. Unfortunately they cannot raise their voices through social media.

There are lots of companies who are able to help in these situations so if you know people who are offline. Get them to contact someone who works with rural broadband. Or at least write to their local council so they know there is a calling for it.

The Welsh Broadband scheme is set up to help those in Wales who need it. So if you live in a rural part of Wales and cannot get a connection greater than 2mbps contact us and we help you through the process.

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