Friday, 20 January 2012

A word from VoIPtig

The traditional phone line is becoming a thing of the past within the business environment. This is mainly due to the growing number firms who are switching to voice over internet protocol (or as we all like to shorten it to, VoIP)

Why is this the case?

International phone calls are a pricey affair, businesses who deal with customers or other businesses abroad found themselves racking up large phone bills due to this. What if you have offices in other countries? You are being charged a large sum of money to contact another employee. You could use e-mail but when a decision needs to be made or a deal to be done the more informative way would be through the phone (Unless you can take business trips, you lucky people!).

A survey conducted revelled that 75% of all international communications are being hosted by VoIP solutions rather than the traditional phone line. Albeit Skype is of course a large quantity of these.
What is the future for VoIP?

Like a lot of technology these days VoIP will continue to rise in popularity and be generally accepted into the work place as the main communication source. I see VoIP ever increasing in demand and in the future there may be many VoIP operators which allow VoIP calls to me made between networks as such for FREE.
The price of the technology is going to fall, with ever emerging markets bringing lower costs and high demand to the service.

The use for a video call system will ever be prominent in business and at home with video conferencing on the rise (a formal way to do business without the flying), many businesses may switch in order to increase productivity and lower costs.

With 4G networks set to grow and internet connectivity in every ‘starbucks’ & ‘McDonalds’ I see that VoIP may even take over from mobile phone calls, meaning packages would rely on a data plan rather than calling minutes.

Anything is possible with VoIP technology and it will continue to grow. So remember the name and sign up to VoIPtig for free today J

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