Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Is your local Council doing enough?!

Broadband projects are ongoing throughout the whole of the UK with the government issuing more than £530m to get Britain super fast broadband. Superfast broadband is considered to be more than 24Mbps and the government hopes that this will reach over 90% of homes across the UK.

But alongside the race to superfast broadband the government also want to availability of speeds of just 2mpbs to be to 100% of the UK. Here is the dilemma which we and many others are facing. The councils are indeed trying to get super fast broadband into their own areas, neglecting the fact that some houses or communities may not have access to speeds of 2Mbps yet or even no access at all.

We have been getting calls from lots of people lately that have had promises form the councils that they would be getting a faster connection. Unfortunately they have been reaching a dead end with this assumption.

Time is running out for councils. The broadband funding is ending soon and the deadlines for proposals have to be in at the end of February.

“'Local politicians are waking up to the opportunities that broadband offers, and recognise the downsides of being left behind,' said Chris Head, author of the briefing. 'Now is the time for Socitm members to add their skills to help accelerate progress.'
However, Head warns that the BDUK funding is not enough, and that for councils to raise matched funding, as they are required to do, is a 'big ask' at a time when they are struggling to fund core services.
He also warns that the government's plans will lead to a two-speed Britain by 2015, as commercially supplied city dwellers will by then be benefiting from broadband speeds of up to 200Mbps. At the same time, 10% of the UK will still be without a wired connection.”
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Councils need to be made aware of the 10% of people without a wired connection. As this issue needs to be addressed. Some of course do not want an internet connection (and as they will not be reading this then I can say, HOW CAN YOU LIVE WITHOUT INTERNET?!)

But of course there are people who would like to have one that is affordable and will work consistently.
Many small businesses rely on an internet access, and those in rural communities cannot benefit from the Internet for their business meaning their messages will always only reach a small audience.

Our solution is to give a satellite internet connection to these people. We would like the council to listen to us as we provide a professional, effective and affordable solution to the 10% of people without a connection.

Of course your BT line will be cheaper so if you have access to that then it is probably your best option. But will your signal be as strong? (will be discussed on the blog next week)

So if you are reading this have a look at our website. Give us an e-mail or a phone call, we can discuss all matters and benefits with you further.

Do not be fooled by other satellite internet companies either offering a fast service for cheap. Your signal could be lower than expected and you could be hit with hidden costs!

On a final note:

We will be contacting councils ourselves, but in order for them to notice us and know that our solution is right we need people to get in contact saying they want an internet connection. If BT cannot provide you one it is the council’s job to find an alternative solution which actually works.

Thank you for reading today. Share with your friends to raise awareness J

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