Thursday, 5 January 2012

2012 The Year of Satellite Internet?

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The holiday season is over and no snow settled in my part of the World. 2012 is not firmly upon us and twitter seems to be counting down every day of the 366 days this year. But what can we expect from satellite internet in 2012?

An ever changing, competitive market, satellite internet can be little known about to those city folk, smug with their 20Mbps download speeds. But 1.6million UK residents cannot receive a broadband signal. Their choices could be either a mobile connection, using the 3G or the ever so hesitant to emerge 4G, or a satellite system.

Many sceptics of satellite internet on first hearing will say it’s overpriced. But these people must not have been following the progress of the satellite broadband systems. When it was a fairly new technology, admittedly it was a pricey piece of kit. Subject to the big businesses and the rich who could not possibly deal with dial-up any more. Lately prices have dropped; new technology has come to the forefront with smaller satellite dishes which give more power bridging the gap between rural broadband connections.

In 2012 we will see the launch of Avanti’s Hylas 2 satellite; this will bring the newest satellite technology to the Middle East and Africa bringing up to 10Mbps of speed to businesses and homes. We are the largest reseller of this in Iraq, so get in contact for more information.

2012 for HySpeed Broadband, this year will consist of continuing our hard work and dedication to get Rural England up to speed and help out small rural businesses thrive and grow through using the internet we provide.

We have plans to do a tour in 2012 around the hardest hit areas of the UK. For your time we would of course provide light refreshments. 

We are focussed on helping out customers, existing as well as new, so for our best deals ring us directly. We believe in advising works the best, so all our solutions can be customised for specific needs.
HySpeed broadband hopes that 2012 can be a good year for all. We wish everyone all the best and hope to speak to a few of you soon.

Thank you for reading this blog post keep checking back for new posts throughout the weeks of 2012.

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