Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The Scottish Highlands could miss out on broadband developments

The Scottish highlands are known for their vast and undulating plains, with picturesque hills and placid lochs creating peace and tranquillity with all those who preside there. Although residents escape the city life, there are amenities which help to preserve a modern way of life.

The government’s intent to boost super-fast broadband to cover 98% of the UK will most likely skip these areas of Scotland leaving the Highlands in the remaining 2% of residents who will struggle to receive a broadband connection.

The problem being the residents of the highlands obviously made a decision in life. The decision to live in beautiful surroundings, with little to no access to the World, or to live in a built up inner city house, where the view outside of the mundane is only topped by the noise of police sirens and snail’s pace of the commute into work daily. But in this suburban World, you will be the 98% of people. The 2% of people are living in areas where cabled connection will cost the provider more to install than they are worth. Or the exchange point will be too far from the residential home to receive an internet connection of any worth.

There is hope for the 2% though. Take one 30m cable, one satellite dish, a satellite modem, 1 hour of our time, and hey presto, what have you got? An active internet system capable of giving the 2% something they did not have before, a FAST BROADBAND CONNECTION! Not only is this connection active, but it is capable of giving a 10Mbps download, and 2.5Mbps upload.

So as you are probably one of the 98% reading this, as I know I am. Look out for the 2% and tell them that there is another way.  Let them have the peace and tranquillity combined with the access to the World Wide Web.

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