Monday, 27 February 2012

Satellite Broadband- HySpeed Update!

We have not been blogging recently as we have been very busy in the office preparing for events and new products which are about to be released. But we have not totally forgotten about the blog. We want to keep you updated with things which have been happening.

Our HySpeed KA-band satellite systems have all been running well with customers enjoying the speeds which they pay for. Some customers are lucky enough to go from having a connection which was regularly less than 0.5Mbps to not a consistent 9-10Mbps.  

Satellite broadband can create a connection where previously other systems will be deemed too expensive or the other operators do not think it is a financially viable option.  We love to help those areas which are hardest hit by communications. You should not be punished for living in a rural area.

Our parent company TigrisNet is setting up their exhibition stand as we speak, at CABSAT with the event opening tomorrow. It is always an exciting time of year, as it allows us to meet with our resellers and also make new partnerships.

Our VoIP service is also is in a good position with new people from all over the world taking advantage of the great offers and the FREE sign up that VoIPtig has. If you have a bandwidth allowance or a slow internet connection then VoIPtig is the VoIP solution for you whilst giving high quality calls. [find out more]

Thank you for taking time to read this blog post again. I hope you are all very well, comments and questions can be asked on here or any of the social networks.

Have a great day!

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