Thursday, 27 October 2011

New Services from TigrisNet, getting the Middle East Online!!

We would like to introduce you to our new solution for satellite broadband.

Currently satellite broadband systems are running from a KA-band we are adopting the technology of the brand NEW KU-band. This will Increase the transmission data can be carried, increasing your download speeds. Running real time applications such as VoIPtig will rise in speed increasing the already high quality of the service.

Another important aspect to note is the satellite dish itself, the KU-band allows for a smaller more aesthetic dish to be positioned retrieving signal.  Although the dish is smaller it does not mean you are going to see any signs in dropping signal. In fact the opposite with the NEW technology, it allows the dish to retrieve an uninterrupted connection constantly.

Unlike you may think there is a lower equipment cost than the previous KU-band satellite dishes.

This band will cover the Middle East, Europe and parts of Africa, to see a full coverage map visit our website  

TigrisNet are committed to adapting our product to what the customer wants, and prides ourselves on an outstanding customer service experience and technical advice. The advantages of our product once again are;
  • Higher efficiency, uninterrupted connections.
  • Greater Bandwidth available, faster connection speeds.
  •  Lower equipment costs
  • High coverage area, able to cover areas across the Middle East, Europe and Parts of Africa. To see exact locations follow the link to our website at the bottom of the e-mail.
  •  Fully qualified technicians with years of experience and expertise in satellite technology.
  •  Flexibility to adapt our product to the customers’ needs.

There are two ways to receive our service; we can offer an individual package for a business or home owner. We can also offer to set up a Wi-Fi network which will allow more users access the same connection; this could reduce the cost to the end user, and may also benefit businesses with close offices.
Thank you for taking time to read about our exciting new product set for release early 2012. To find out exactly what solutions TigrisNet can offer you, or what our price plans are contact us directly from the details below, one of our friendly team would be happy to answer any queries or questions you may have.
Kind Regards,

Thomas Light

VoIPtig marketing team


Tel :        +44 (0) 208 773 2060 UK  Ext. 111
                +44 (0) 208 255 2116 UK   
Fax:        +44(0) 208 773 2123   UK

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