Monday, 3 October 2011

Fresh Ideas For Travelling

Hello once again,

Here at HySpeed Broadband we would like to take a moment to talk about one of our sister companies. This product will be of service to those to travel and overseas students alike, Or for those who would like just to stay in contact with family and friends abroad.

In many cases the traditional method would of been using a pre-paid top up card which went through a mediator to link your calls. Nowadays skype is the preferred method to make free calls over the net to loved ones.

Here is the problem, Skype uses a large bandwidth that although here in the UK is fine as we have the capabilities to match the usage and our calls come through to each other quite clearer. Areas across the World do not have this infrastructure in place as of yet to deal with such badnwidth making the calls unclear and leaving the users feel unsatisfied with the service.

This is where I introduce the new solutions.


This service allows VoIPtig to VoIPtig calls to be made free! just like Skype, it also gives you the freedom to use the service on any computer with an active internet connection.

Bandwidth usage is much lower than Skype meaning calls are HIGH Quality, we also have some of the cheapest prices around for making calls to landlines across the World. check out our website to see our latest call rates.

So if your still unsure here are some quick points about our service.

What makes VoIPtig different to Skype?
  • ü  VoIPtig uses low bandwidth meaning calls are made and voice clarity is exceptionally clear
  • ü  VoIPtig offers a VoIPtig dongle with allows you to take your VoIPtig phone to any location and use any computer with an active internet connection.
  • ü  VoIPtig gives you low cost calls to landline numbers check our call rates on the VoIPtig website and you will our prices are competitive with other VoIP companies.
  • ü  VoIPtig makes calls to other VoIPtig users for FREE!
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Or simply go straight to our website and fill out a form now! to get your FREE Enumber!

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