Monday, 29 October 2012

Broadband for your Hotel

Hotels in the UK are under increasing pressure to provide more to their guests whilst staying at an affordable price.  Services which used to be seen as an added extra have now become vital in hotels, and in fact pull factors when a customer is deciding on where to stay.

As with most things, the accommodation that ticks the most boxes for the customer will be the hotel that eventually gets booked into. People will firstly focus on; Location, price, climate. But after that short-list has been drawn up many will want facilities that include; Swimming pool, games room, bar and ever increasingly Wi-Fi access. When the final decision has been made it could come down to something as simple as having an adequate internet service.

Is Wi-Fi a simple fix?

Most places will tell you yes, that’s because 80% of the UK has access to fast broadband (anything that exceeds 2Mbps). What about the 20% of people who don’t have access how simple is it then? Councils can be written to, phone calls can be made, but changes to the infrastructure will take time and money.
Can hotels stand and suffer whilst their competition receives their potential bookings? Not in this economic climate.

What can be done?

Satellite broadband is one option for those who are without a reliable internet connection. It has 100% coverage of the UK with the only limitations being a line of sight has to be established to the satellite.
Satellite broadband does not have to be costly solutions either. HySpeed Broadband have developed packages specifically for Hotels, B&B’s, Guest houses and any other accommodation types that want to offer their customers a Wi-Fi solutions.

Offer your guests more with satellite broadband. Find out more about this exciting opportunity, by giving us a call on 0203 582 1366.

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