Thursday, 28 June 2012

How to check your data usage online!

How do I check my how much data I’ve used.

Your monthly usage totals include both uploading and downloading from your HySpeed Broadband service. All usage is measured in Megabytes (MB).

Avanti’s online usage check displays your usage total in Gigabytes (GB), each gigabyte being roughly one thousand Megabytes

A table has been provided below showing rough guidelines for how much each usage example consumes.

Viewing a web page
0.2 MB
Uploading a picture to Facebook
0.2 MB
Downloading an email (no attachments)
0.01 MB
Downloading an MP3
5 MB
Watching a two minute YouTube clip
3.75 MB
30 Minutes of online radio
22 MB
1 Hour of BBC iPlayer
280 MB
Downloading a Movie
700 MB
*please note these figures are only a guide.

How do I check my current months usage total and AUP (acceptable usage policy)Limit?

Using your HySpeed Broadband connection you are able to view your currents monthly usage total and AUP limit online by visiting . Please be aware that the online usage total is not updated in real time, it updates once every 24 hours. Also you must be using your Avanti connection to log onto ‘mystats’

If you would like any further information on how to prevent excessive usage please contact us.

Thanks for reading, have a good day!

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  1. very nice post i like it very much .... thanks a lot for this post .... you are the legend

    i tested my Broadband Speed it was 548 KBPS !
    my connection was 1 Mbps (ISP Offers)
    is it good enough ?

    How do i increase speed ?