Thursday, 15 September 2011

HySpeed Services

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As this is my first post on blogger it is just to summarise our service. Here at HySpeed Broadband we are able to offer all UK residents (yes even the one's who tried to escape the fast passed city life), a broadband service which exceeds the UK governments aims to get all UK residents onto the internet by 2013. 


Quite simply we use satellites. Without getting technical about the equipment, we use a small dish which will be attached somewhere near your home, place of work. It works similarly to a well known TV provider. BUT, as yes this is a big but, we use a two way signal where residents do not need a telephone line connected, our satellites send and receive data.

The benefits of such a service, residents who live anywhere, can receive up to 8Mbps download speeds, if you are currently on only 516kbps this is around 15 times greater of that. Another great thing about our service, is as most broadband companies offer you speeds using the magic words, 'up to speeds of' 10Mbps and then in reality you may only be receiving 2Mbps. Here at Hyspeed Broadband we give you the speeds you pay for. 

I think I've covered the main parts of our business, stayed posted for more information regarding satellite technology, special offers, & and all things topical. 

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